As the sun sets….

the air gets even heavier than the most humid Florida day on the old brick street leading to the Ximenez-Fatio House. In the shops along Aviles Street the open signs are turned to closed and music notes from patio eateries can be heard floating on the ocean breeze. When night falls on Aviles street the usually slow pace of our tour guides quickens as we go about getting the doors secured and shutters closed before we find ourselves not completely alone in the house. A final lock of the gate and a silent wave goodbye to those we have tucked in for the night before we head home is always given.


For 222 years this old house has stood solid and virtually unchanging, but the lives of its occupants are another story. A darker story. Life and death. Many have moved in, but have all moved out? This house has seen 5 births and 13 deaths, some rather untimely. A baby girl, christened Holly in honor of her Christmas Day birth, was only with us for a short time. Her mother to soon follow. Miss Fatio, never married, wildly successful – but no stranger to family heartache, cared for her house in life, but does she still watch over it in death?


Doors that creak open on their own, dusty fingerprints on freshly cleaned surfaces, faces peering back at you in our Cheval mirror, a child watching the tourists stroll by from the balcony, and a woman in black floating down the servants staircase are just a few of the strange reports we often hear. The mystical feeling is everywhere around this property.


The Ximenez-Fatio House Museum is a rarity here in St. Augustine, this ancient city of ghosts. We have never had a professional paranormal investigation. This is all about to change, however, as we have partnered with premier ghost hunters, A Night Among Ghosts for our very first paranormal investigation. This fall, join us for our next chapter of storytelling and history. Are you ready? Will we finally find out the truth?