The Ximenez-Fatio House Museum has more to offer than just our classic house tour! Check out our monthly events to find other great activities. New events are added all the time so check back often!

Yoga on the Ximenez-Fatio Lawn

Ximenez-Fatio House Museum 20 Aviles Street, St. Augustine

Join us for all levels Vinyasa yoga with many of our great instructors at the Pilates Yoga Loft. Yoga on the lawn will take place at the Ximenez-Fatio House museum located at 20 Aviles street, St. Augustine, FL 32084. Parking located off of Cadiz street in back of the property. Heading towards Mantanza bay turn right off King street onto St. George's street. Go the the 2nd intersection and turn left on Cadiz street then parking lot is half way down block on left. Take time to surround yourself with the beauty and history of this historic site and other community yogis. Check out our monthly schedule for dates and times. We welcome everyone beginners through advanced. Bring a beach towel and a bottle of water.  Click Here To Learn More and Sign Up!


Heist at the Museum

Ximenez-Fatio House Museum 20 Aviles Street, St. Augustine

The year is 1868. A 17th-century Caravaca Cross was found on this property many years ago and kept in safe storage. It has been stolen! Authorities are certain that the thief is still on the property, but they are not certain who it was. The cross was stashed in a hiding place, but what – and in what room? That is where you come in: help Miss Fatio find her cross and bring the culprit to justice!   The Ximenez-Fatio House is offering a special event every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights that focuses on a rare 17th-century Caravaca Cross that was produced in the late 1660s to celebrate the end of the Black Plague in Europe. The cross was discovered during an archaeological dig at the Ximenez-Fatio House and (in real life) is currently on display for visitors to see. The premise of “Heist at the Museum” is that the cross was stolen, and the villain is still on the property and has hidden the cross in one of nine rooms. Like every board game we have ever played, you spin to determine the number of moves you get. There’s one big difference: You Are the Game Piece!! If you spin a 2, then you move 2 rooms in the house; spin a 4 and you move 4 rooms, etc. By process of elimination each team of detectives will have the opportunity to move from room-to-room and solve who stole the cross, what they stashed it in, and which room it may be found. Come play and see if you can figure out whodunnit – Do You Have a Clue?


Twilight Tours

Ximenez-Fatio House Museum 20 Aviles Street, St. Augustine

Experience the Lighter Side of the Darker History at the Ximenez-Fatio House Museum As the sun sets it admittedly gets a little spooky around here. Many came to stay at Miss Fatio’s Boarding House, but some never returned home. Join us for a look at the spookier side of the Ximenez-Fatio House Museum this fall! Our twilight tour is perfect for all ages who are looking for a St. Augustine fun, family-friendly nighttime activity. Learn about some of the more interesting guests who stayed at our boarding house, and the families who owned the property in the over 200 years it has been standing. From Spanish merchants to soldiers stationed at St. Augustine, to the single ladies who ran their businesses and raised their families here, this house has centuries of stories within its coquina walls. Our Twilight Tour is approximately 45 minutes and takes you through our beautiful 18th century home where you will hear the stories and history of the house not normally heard on our daytime tour.