Storytime with Dr. Roger Smith!

Dr. Smith is our Museum Director and has written and published several fiction

and non-fiction books over his career.

Check back often for more great stories read by Dr. Smith and his guests at the Ximenez-Fatio House Museum!

‘The Christmas Gift’

It’s Christmas Eve here in Gwenfiddletown and of course, Gwenfiddle folk have their own tradition. Discover the secret hero of Gwenfiddle Christmas with Dr.Roger Smith.

‘A Thanksgiving Tradition’

Traditions are important. They bring us together and give a sense of community. Many times we have forgotten where they come from or don’t bother to ask. Gwenfiddletown has many traditions like this and today we learn just where some of these originated.

‘The Mystery of Spooky Trail Way’

It’s spooky Season here at the Ximenez-Fatio House and we have a story for you. It’s got detectives, mystery clues, a haunted house, and spooky (possibly friendly) ghost. So sit down a sort all your Halloween candy as Dr.Smith ready another Gwenfiddletown story.

‘A Labor of Love’

Dr.Smith is here to teach the importance of the jobs we all do with his Labor Day storytime. Sit back with your kids and listen to how Gwenfiddletown celebrate all the hard working people who keep the town running.

‘Gwenfiddle Day’

Dr. Smith is here to tell the importance of local holidays with his story ‘Gwenfiddle Day’. Sit back with your kids and be enthralled at the tale of Gwenfiddletown’s most treasured local holiday.

‘Found’ers Day’

The Fourth of July is our greatest national holiday. Find out why they call in Found’ers day in Gwenfiddletown – I promise you’ll be surprised!

‘Rain, Rain, Go Away’

A heartwarming story about Fathers Day written many years ago for his own children.