Storytime with Dr. Roger Smith!

Dr. Smith is our Museum Director and has written and published several fiction and non-fiction books over his career.

Click on the videos below for his children’s story collection, “Gwenfiddletown,” as read at the Ximenez-Fatio House Museum.

“The Legend” (New Years Eve/Arbor Day)

It’s a New Years story… kinda. Our first story is a combination of Arbor Day and New Years Eve, as a little boy learns the importance of trees, while his friend the park ranger learns the importance of the unquestionable faith of the young people around her.

“The Big Rule” (MLK Birthday)

Our second story celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday with a heartwarming lesson from Parson P. Priestly, the Gwenfiddletown minister, who learns a valuable lesson from his daughter. It’s a story that always brings a tear to my eyes, for it was my own work-related preoccupations that inspired the direction of this tale.

“That Crazy Feeling” (Valentines Day)

It’s Valentine’s Day in Gwenfiddletown and that means Cupid is up to his old tricks! Sit back and listen to how some Gwenfudlians get struck with “That Crazy Feeling”.

“The Secret of Castle Kilarney” (St. Patrick’s Day)

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! That means the leprechauns are out and up to their old tricks, with their sights set on Police Chief O’hare.  So sit back and keep a sharp eye out for the Leprechaun King as he takes you to the most magical place in Gwenfiddletown.

“The Sage” (A Story of Spring and New Life)

The sun is back, the tress are green, and the snow has melted – that means spring is here! In Gwenfiddletown it’s time to make the trek to see the Sage, that all knowing wizard of wisdom. Today you will learn all about the spring traditions of Gwenfiddletown.

“Rain Rain Go Away” (Fathers Day)

In today’s story, town leaders must reach out to the all-knowing Sage for answers to the questions they already know. After all, isn’t that what your father would do?

“Found’ers Day” (Fourth of July)

Its the Fourth of July! Follow along as a new family in town learns how Gwenfuddlians celebrate this greatest of national holiday’s.

“Gwenfiddle Day” (Because August has no national holidays)

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the importance of local holidays. This story teaches us to be proud and excited about our local history and celebrations.

“Labor Day” (Because its Labor Day)

How do you know what career you want to have when you’re all grown up? Gwenfiddletown celebrates the hard working people who keep the town running as they share their skills with the children around them.

“The Mystery of Spooky Trail Way” (Halloween)

It’s spooky season here at the Ximenez-Fatio House Museum and we have a story for you. It has detectives, mystery, clues, a haunted house, and a spooky (possibly friendly?) ghost. So sit down and sort your Halloween candy, as Dr. Smith reads you this Gwenfiddletown story.

‘A Thanksgiving Tradition’

Traditions are important. They bring us together and give a sense of community. Many times we forget where they come from or don’t bother to ask. Gwenfiddletown has many traditions like this and today we learn just where some of these may originate.

‘The Christmas Gift’

It’s Christmas Eve here in Gwenfiddletown and of course, Gwenfiddle folk have their own traditions. Discover the real hero of a Gwenfiddle Christmas.