Game Rules


How to Play Heist at the Museum

You will take a brief tour of the house to familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

Remember, this is a crime scene: TOUCH NOTHING!

After the tour, teams will be formed (yes, you may ask to be on the same team as your friends). There doesn’t need to be a team leader unless you find it helpful. Late arrivers will be placed on a team by the Pinkerton Detectives in charge of the case. The order in which each team plays will be determined by the Pinkertons. Each team will be given a map of the property and a suspect sheet.

Each team is a game piece and the house is the game board. Yes, it’s a life-size board game!

There is a total of 21 Heist cards, representing 11 rooms, 8 “stash” places, and 8 suspects to guess from. Three Heist cards have been preselected: a suspect, a “stash” place, and a room. The term “stash” place refers to the object the stolen jewelry may have been hidden in, such as the lampstand or the grandmother clock. The 3 preselected cards were placed in a packet labeled “Guilty!” to be revealed only when a correct accusation is made. The remaining cards have been shuffled and will be dealt out – these are your best clues, as the rooms, suspects, and “stash” places on these cards are obviously not in the “Guilty” packet. Use your suspect sheet to check-off these clues.

A spinning wheel (ala a smaller version of Wheel of Fortune) will be used to advance each team when it is their turn. The number of moves the wheel lands on represents the number of rooms you may move in the house. For example, if your team spins a “3,” you will move three rooms in sequential order according to the map each team has been given.

Some rooms are more difficult to reach than others, so listen closely during the explanation portion of the game to know where you can go. Study the map provided for best routes.

To start the game, the Pinkertons will determine the order and beginning point for each team. Team #1 will then spin the wheel and proceed according to the spin until their number of moves are complete. At that time, this team may make their first guess.

All guesses must include a suspect, “stash” place, and a room (The jewelry was stashed in the beehive oven, in the Lobby, by Dr. Urah Peppah). Important note: to make a guess about a specific room, your team must physically occupy that room at the time of its guess. Any team that holds a Heist card that is called out must reveal that card, but only to the team that made the guess. This keeps the other teams in the dark. Team #2 will spin next, and so forth.

You may only make a guess when it is your turn. By making guesses throughout the game, teams try to determine by process of elimination which 3 cards are in the “Guilty” envelope.

Teams must enter their desired room on the exact number of moves from their spin of the wheel. Teams cannot remain in a room that they currently occupy, forfeit their turn, or re-enter their current room on a single turn (a team may re-enter their current room on a single turn only if they are doing so to proceed to another room – an example will be provided on your tour).

To Win the Game: Making an Accusation

An accusation is not the same as a guess. An accusation may be made when a team is certain that they have discovered the identity of all 3 cards in the “Guilty” envelope.

Very Important: only two accusations may be made per team, per game. ACCUSE WISELY!


Note: We highly recommend that you arrive 15 – 20 minutes early to ensure you find parking and are prepared to start on time.


Good Luck!!!